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Sacred Sites Tour

The Rollright Ring
- A visit to the Rollright Stones -
A spiritual symposium tour with a difference
With Maria Wheatley

Thursday 26th July 2017  9am - 6pm

Air-conditioned coach. Departs Glastonbury 9am, returning around 6pm (exact return time not guaranteed).
Be prepared for changeable British weather!

Bring walking shoes and a packed lunch (easy to buy on the day in Glastonbury).


  • bring appropriate clothing for British weather, and walking footwear that is okay to get muddy;

  • if you have dowsing rods please bring them - Maria will bring 15 pairs of rods to lend out;

  • tours involve some walking - can be on rough or slightly muddy ground;

  • bringing children: they need to be interested and older - see FAQs for more details;

  • you are responsible for your safety and welfare whilst walking in the countryside, so be prepared for all weather and terrain and, in the field, walk carefully;

  • if you don't live very close, we recommend you stay in Glastonbury the preceding night. Latecomers will miss the bus - we don't wait if you're late!

  • following the coach in a car is not permitted;

  • a splendid time will be had by all!

The Rollright Ring

Nestling in the Oxfordshire ceremonial landscape is the Rollright Ring Complex. Unlike the ruins of Avebury or Stonehenge, the Rollright Ring retains its circular shape making this a functioning megalithic site of power and purpose.

Nearby is a monolith called the King Stone and some megaliths called the Whispering Knights.

Journey time 2 hours, departing Glastonbury at 9am prompt. This stone circle is well worth the travel time as we arrive on the day that precedes a total lunar eclipse so the energy there will be especially strong…

Form Energy

To our distinct ancestors and Mystery School Initiates, the circle has always been regarded as a protective shape as well as an arena for magic and manifestation.  A circular shape generates what Master Dowsers call ‘form energy’ which can be detected by sensitive people and also with dowsing instruments.

Form energy is all-powerful as it can give ‘form’ and can ‘breathe life’ into our ideas or ambitions. Thus, when inside the Rollright Ring your intent and your mental state can form an unseen relationship with the stone’s harmonics; and more importantly to the ‘Anima Mundi’–the Soul of Gaia.

Form Energy can change a state of consciousness and even transform poor health into a more harmonic energy. Form energy portends change and it is alchemic.

The Rollright Ring stones are called ‘The King’s Men’ born of a legend that a witch turned the King (the King Stone) and his men to stone. The Whispering Knights are a group of conspirators also turned to stone.

Megalithic Power
and Aerial Energy

At the Rollright Ring, we will experience the fascinating qualities of Form Energy.

We will also explore how the standing stones can generate megalithic energy, communicate to one another and send a laser type of ley energy across the landscape creating an aerial network of invisible energy.

Standing between two stones creates a two-way energy exchange between you and the stone and you will feel the energy.

Earth currents

Yin and Yang earth currents are associated to the site which we will locate and divine. Also, the deep yin waters produced by Gaia will be experienced, first hand, amid the inside of the circle. These invisible dynamics give the stone circle a timeless Spirit of Place.

The Whispering Knights Dolmen

Nearby are the Whispering Knights, apparently the remains of a long mound long since gone. Ugly spiked railings restrict access yet, despite this intrusion, the energy is not diluted.

Legend states that on the Full Moon young maidens used to go to the stones and listen for the name of their future husband.

Certainly, modern day experiments conducted at the stones recorded distinctive clicking noises - perhaps the root of the legend.

We will locate the powerful energies of the site and, arriving one day prior to a total lunar eclipse, may even hear the stone’s energies.

The King Stone and mysterious images

Upon elevated ground, the enigmatic King Stone overlooks the stone circle as if guarding the site. Bestowing a majestic presence, and located close to the most powerful form of earth energy makes this a key stone that unlocks an age old mystery.

An Egyptian Master Dowser noted that this particular type of earth energy was used in ancient Egypt to assist the mummification process. Nearby, yin and yang earth currents cross upon a hillock long associated with the Fae.

Infrared photographs of the King Stone have shown an apparent hazy glow around its crest. Professional analysis of the photograph was unable to provide a logical explanation. Other mysterious apparitions have been seen in this supernatural landscape.

The stones’ ever-changing polarities

The Rollright Ring’s stones change their ‘polarities’ from positive to negative, on strict time scales. This phenomenon can be checked with a pendulum, quite easily, and can be felt by sensitive hands. So bring along a pendulum.

A stone circle can generate ‘spin energy’ and we will delve deeply into this aspect that the ancients knowingly created and discover its significance.

Raising the Energy and Energy Transference

Earth energy and megalithic energy (spin and especially form energy) can create a potent ground for manifestation and to cast true magic. I can show you how to raise the energy of a stone circle for light casting–to make positive changes–to our personal lives and to the world in which we live.

By uniting with the sentient energies of the land, we can transmute base lead into gold, bring harmony to our lives and to gently awaken the entrapped…

Over the years, I have developed a way of transferring earth energy to people and places to heal and to remove blockages, and we will attune to the Rollright Ring and experience Gaia Magic.

Bring a packed lunch.  Please note, this is not a tourist site, so there are no toilets but we will stop at Chipping Norton to use facilities prior to arriving at the stone circle.

Maria Wheatley
Tour Guide

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