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Introducing the 2014 Speakers


Glastonbury Symposium 2014
Conference speakers

These were the 2014 speakers. Speakers in 2015 will be announced early in 2015.

Friday 25th July 2014


Jason Porthouse is a longstanding associate of the Glastonbury Symposium, having first attended after waking up to the crop circle phenomenon in the early 1990s. He’s played a role (often literally) in the gathering ever since [Jason leads our Friday and Sunday afternoon meditations]. By day an award-winning editor of TV programmes, Jason’s ‘other life’ holds a longstanding interest in the study of spirituality, metaphysics and all things deemed ‘weird’ by normal folk. He lives on the Somerset Levels with Di Brown, three cats and a vegetable patch.

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Presentation: The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades…

Jason says: ‘We’re well and truly in the post-2012 slump. For many, the dreams of a new world ushered in on the 21st December of that year have amounted to nothing - and the threat of a New World Order hoves even closer. Unrest seems to be spreading and there are daily revelations that shatter our faith in the society and people we’ve historically put our trust in. The West seems to be heading down a one-way street of ever increasing control and homogeny, where free thought is frowned upon and the orthodoxy reigns supreme. But maybe we’re missing the wood for the trees... What if fundamental change is happening right under our noses? What if the technological advances of today herald the spiritual advances we’ve all been waiting for? And what have big hairy bikers on loud motorcycles got to do with any of this?’


Simon, aka "The Spaniard", is an ex-banker. In 1987, Simon began his working career with Messrs Coutts & Company in the heart of the City. Two years later, he moved into retail banking and spent time selling loans, credit, mortgages, investments and insurances. In 2001 Simon switched to mortgage broking, where he became Operations Manager with a large firm of brokers. In 2003, he set up his own firm(s) and when, in 2007/08, the now infamous credit crunch took hold, Simon 'woke up' to the fraud, the lies, and the deceptions being played out in "everyday life".

Adopting the tag "Spaniard" from the 2000 film Gladiator (starring Russell Crowe - 'The General who became a slave. The slave who became a Gladiator. The Gladiator who defied an Emperor'), Simon has spent the past three years travelling the length and breadth of the country with the White Rabbit project’s "Love Train" - bringing an alternate perspective of money, law, and the systems of "justice" and "government" to free-thinkers everywhere. As part of the White Rabbit family, Simon is just as well known for his YouTube videos as he is for his dedication to the truth education cause. His approach is light-hearted, no nonsense and to the point ('just like my old management style')!

Presentation: For the Love of Money - How Loans and Credit Cards Really Work

What do we really know about money? We spend half our lives chasing it, and the other half dreaming about ways of spending it; yet most people don't understand what it is, or how it really works. The law of "money" and "banking" is the law of the sea: "current", "currency". "Mari" means derived from the sea. The virgin seas. The virgin Mari; and we are the immaculate conception. When we are born [free], our mother's waters break, and from those breaking waters, we emerge, having passed through the "berthing canal". We arrive crown first; a king/queen is born. We are weighed, measured, numbered and NAMED; just like any vessel or cattle. The word "money" derives from capital, collateral, cattle. Mum then Registers the NAME, and in doing so we are provided with two documents. Birth Certificates. Bonds. Chains. These Bonds contain a watermark, a seal (cere - see cere-mony) and a signature.

When a vessel sits in its berth, the position reached by the water on the outer shell of the ship is called the "watermark"; often a line is painted on the vessel to show this 'empty hold' resting level. A second line is painted, called the Draft. This line indicates the point at which a vessel becomes over laden/unsafe with cargo; and re-presents a risk. Exceeding the safety line means we go "over the draft" [over-draft]. The weight and size of a vessel determines the "draw" [drawings]; i.e. the displacement of water through the motion of the vessel. Sounds interesting? Welcome to the wonderful world of banking and money; in which you will discover that you have always been a millionaire - you just didn't know it.


Steve Nobel is an author, coach, workshop facilitator, and ex-director of Alternatives (2000-2012), a not for profit organisation based in St James’s Church, Piccadilly, London. Here he helped organise over 1300 spiritual author events. He is the author of three non-fiction books, including The Enlightenment of Work (2012, Watkins Publishing). He has recently completed the manuscript for his latest book series, entitled Personal Transitions.   

Presentation: Personal and Planetary Transitions

‘We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us’  - Joseph Campbell

Steve says: ‘We live in highly volatile times. The planet is going through a powerful transition period and we are being called to wake up. Only a shift in consciousness offers any real and lasting solution to the global challenges ahead. Planetary and personal transitions are interlinked. The more we wake up and shift our consciousness up the vibrational scale, the easier it is for the planet to transition successfully, and vice-versa.

Personal transition is a tricky business. This is because transition is more than the word "change" can ever describe. A change is when the outer geography of our life shifts in some way. A transition is where the inner geography of our psychology also changes. Here the journey is as important as the ultimate destination, for along the way we can awaken a new sense of belonging, capability and direction. We also wake up new soul qualities and activate new life lessons. Personal transition is a form of heroic journey for it needs courage and a willingness to surrender to the great mystery of life.’


Mark Devlin is a UK-based club and radio DJ, music journalist and author, specialising in R&B, soul, hip hop and other forms of black music. He has played in over 40 countries and now presents a weekly two-hour ‘conscious music’ podcast, after being a former presenter on The People's Voice network. In 2010, Mark underwent what he refers to as a ‘conscious awakening’, sparking questions about the nature of reality, consciousness, our true selves, and who, or what, is really controlling most aspects of daily human life. His special area of interest was how this ties into the mainstream music industry, and the way in which A-list artists are used to manipulate and mind-control the masses in line with a much larger agenda. He now talks on radio and in person about such subjects, and produces an ongoing series of related music and speech podcasts. Mark’s first book, Tales from the Flipside, has just been published.

Presentation: The Mind Control Manipulations of the Music Industry

In this thought-provoking and controversial presentation, Mark puts the pieces together to reveal how the music game (or at least the very upper levels of the US business) has long been controlled by a network of occult secret societies, which have infiltrated mainstream music as a means of implementing social conditioning and mind control, and how this fits in to a much wider global agenda.   (Attendees are advised that the content may occasionally include explicit lyrical references.)


Leo Rutherford is a renowned shaman, teacher and pioneer of shamanism in the West. He was one of the first people to bring shamanistic teachings to the UK and founded the Eagle's Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism in 1987. Having worked in industry for 20 years and suffering from acute stress and depression by the age of 40, he set out to find a path with more heart and came across the ancient wisdom of indigenous shamans, a path which has been transforming him ever since. Leo has published five books including Spirituality vs Religion (CreateSpace, 2011), The View through the Medicine Wheel (O-Books, 2008), Shamanic Path Workbook (Arima Pubs, 2006), and Principles of Shamanism (Harper Collins, 1996, third edition Crescent Moon, 2014). He has an MA in Holistic Psychology.   

Presentation: Spirituality Versus Religion

Around 3,500 years ago came monotheism, the worship of the "one and only God" as the sun/sky god. The Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten cancelled the traditional gods of Lower Egypt and ordered the people to worship Aten, the sun-god. Finally the Egyptians threw him out along with his brother TuthMoses and the Hyksos people. They exodused across the Sinai and became the Israelites. They took the sun-god with them and birthed Judaism, which in time birthed Christianity (simplified Judaism) and thence Islam. Europe, the Near East and the Americas (and the world) have suffered immensely from this masculinisation of "God", in the treatment of women as second class citizens and the trashing of our Mother Earth. It is seriously important now to return "God" to the Earthmother and value the feminine equally with the masculine. (Leo says: ‘Subsidiary Question: Would you frack your mother? We are – and we have yet to reap the results.’)


(See fuller bio below, amongst the Saturday speakers.)  In her capacity as a musician and performer, Susan has released two albums, Glittering Cities and Ravensong. Her songs have been described as beautiful and insightful, and an enduring study of esoteric literature has infused her lyrics with a distinctive mystical and spiritual quality. Susan's music is played on BBC radio and many other local stations.


Susan provides the musical opening to our Friday night guest spot, singing beautiful Celtic folk songs on acoustic guitar, aided by her partner, Satch.


Mary is a former nurse, midwife, counsellor, and hypnotherapist. Born in the UK, she now resides in Queensland, Australia, and is founder of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network), which offers counselling and information to families experiencing encounters with non- human intelligences. ACERN operates globally and has helped with over 2000 cases. Encounters are explored from a holistic framework, physical, psychological and spiritual. Mary is also co-director of FREE (Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters), is an advisory member of Exopolitics, and is vice –president of the Star Kids project.

An international speaker, Mary is author of Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life, and she has lectured in Hong Kong, the UK, Hawaii, USA, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand, while appearing in many national and international media news programs and documentaries, including The OZ files: ‘My Mum Talks to Aliens, SBS’s Paranormal Files, and Animal X. She is also producer of two award-winning documentaries, including Expressions of ET Contact, and also produces relaxation CDs ( Mary has taken part in several debate forums such as Oxford University in 2006, and at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.  

Presentation: Awakening The New Human: Triggers of Consciousness

Extraterrestrial encounters and UFO sightings may be just one aspect of a complex multidimensional programme designed to orchestrate the spiritual conditions to awaken and expand the consciousness of humanity. What are the "Triggers" which can assist the human psyche to release limiting reality programs and embrace a new paradigm? UFOs and human encounters certainly play a part. Coupled with DNA manipulation, is the exponential increase in claimed "ADHD" in fact a new programme for our awakening?

Crop circles, Australian fire circles, orbs, star languages, downloads of strange scripts and geometric art, and complex scientific and spiritual data, can also have dramatic effects, while changes in solar and planetary frequencies are known to affect human consciousness. Human "upgrades" - Star Children - with conscious awareness of their star origins and past lives, may be on a human "mission" to help us remember. Mary explores the myriad of ways humanity may be assisted to awaken and evolve into a more aware and enlightened species.  

Saturday 26 July 2014


Andy is a leading researcher into unexplained mysteries and cover-ups and is the author of many books, including the acclaimed The Truth Agenda, now available in a new third updated and expanded edition, and his newest title Conspiracies: The Facts - The Theories - The Evidence, now published in several different versions and languages around the world. His tome Vital Signs, meanwhile, is seen by many as the definitive guide to the crop circle phenomenon.

Andy is founder of Changing Times, which holds events on mysteries and truth issues, and he is one of the co-organisers of The Glastonbury Symposium. He extensively writes and lectures in Britain and around the world, and has made numerous radio and TV appearances. UK spots have included Channel 4's Richard and Judy, BBC 2's Esther, ITV's GMTV, BBC 1's The One Show and Sky 1's Pineapple Dance Studios, while Andy has also featured in television programmes in many other countries.

Presentation: Making The Leap: An Opportunity for Transformation  

Andy investigates the leading alternative issues of the day and takes the temperature of  the ongoing – and now surely tangible - shift of social, political and spiritual awareness occurring all around us. We have an opportunity – right here, right now – to make a leap into a whole new way of being. But with encroaching state control of the Internet and a growing onslaught of establishment propaganda from a complicit media, more effort than ever is going to be required to keep open the channels of real enquiry and make sure that the path of transformation remains clear. It is up to all those with eyes to see to ensure a successful transition from old ways to new, and Andy focuses on the areas in which we can all help to make a real difference.


Eltjo Haselhoff is a ‘man of many talents’. He holds a PhD in physics and worked at various scientific institutes, including Los Alamos National Laboratories. Today he divides his time over different areas of interest, including several art forms (music, oil painting, wood carving, cartoon drawing, photography and pearl inlay), technical areas (carpentry, musical instrument building, computer programming and electronic engineering) and scientific activities (mathematics, physics and magnetic resonance imaging).

Eltjo is author of several books, including the international bestseller The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles, and is one of the few persons on earth who published crop circle-related communications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Eltjo plays several musical instruments and is an accomplished guitarist and composer, with several albums released in the USA. He has also produced a number of successful guitar instruction DVDs in various languages. Eltjo is a frequent lecturer on several different topics, including musical physics, crop circles and magnetic resonance.

Presentation: The Allegory of the Cave

Eltjo discusses the differences between perceived and actual reality. His lecture includes both scientific and non-scientific aspects and explores the frontiers of human perception and imagination, both in relation to scientifically proven facts as well as in relation to a non-scientific reality model that Eltjo has come to understand after several paranormal experiences. His presentation will discuss the merits and limitations of scientific methods and the effect of limited perception on human psychology, and includes controversial aspects such as time travel, hypertime, crop circles, telepathy and life after death.


In a new, sleeker and faster discussion format for the Symposium, this is your chance to participate in an audience debate with a panel of distinguished guests from the world of truth-seeking and mysteries research, some speakers from the weekend, and others not, animatedly sifting many of the matters arising from the issues of the event - and beyond. The Symposium forums have become a highlight of the weekend for many, and the new, punchier approach in its new Saturday slot should ensure some lively and enlightening debate!


Frank Rasmussen  is a Danish entrepreneur and was educated as a mechanical engineer (B.Sc.) at  Aarhus University School of Engineering. Helping to improve the earth environment and preserve a healthy environment for future generations has been his main focus both as a human being and in his professional work as an environmental engineer. As an entrepreneur, Frank has  a wide range of ongoing projects, and he is the initiator and one of the organisers of the key annual truth event in Denmark, the Open Mind conference, as well as being the inventor of a new smartphone app named FlightPollutionRadar, which is an effective tool for all people to help register and document real-time flight pollution  and what he sees as ongoing “chemtrail”-related weather modification worldwide.

Presentation: Chemtrails: The Environmental and Health Effects of Jet Plane Pollution

Frank’s lecture uncovers the global environmental impact of flight pollution and “geoengineering” - the large-scale engineering and manipulation of the earth’s ecosystem, now believed by many to be a major problem. Frank gives a scientific theory as to why flight pollution creates the basis for artificial cloud cover through the phenomenon known as “chemtrails”. Unlike normal dissipating contrails from jet planes, chemtrails do not evaporate and over time turn into hazy clouds that obscure the sun. Frank investigates the negative impact this artificial cloud cover has on the planetary environment and all living things. The lecture also includes some measures as how to protect both ourselves and the environment from the negative effects of geoengineering, and provides some suggestions as to what we, as individuals, can do to help stop the global pollution of our planet. Frank says: ‘No previous scientific knowledge is needed to understand this serious issue.’


Susan Raven is an author, speaker and singer-songwriter from mid-Wales. She is a long-time student of Anthroposophy and she regularly gives talks on the work of Rudolf Steiner at festivals and venues around the country. Her book Nature Spirits: The Remembrance: A Guide to the Elemental Kingdom (Clairview Books, 2012) has recently received favourable reviews in Cygnus, Caduceus, Nexus and The Star & Furrow magazines. It is a step by step guide to bridging the gap between the supersensible world of the shaman and seer, and the world of biophotons, subquantum kinetics and torsion fields as described by today's emerging new wave of post-materialist scientists.   (See Friday’s bio for details on Susan’s musical background.)

Presentation: Life-Forces, Elementals and the Dynamics of Intelligent Space

In her book Nature Spirits: The Remembrance, Susan writes: ‘In the language of the new ether physics, the ether is part of a unified source field, an invisible dimension of torsion and sub-quantum kinetics, which is imminent, emergent and in a constant state of flux. In the language of the mystics and the modern seers of today, the ether is a great chorus of creator powers, nature spirits and elemental beings... who also exist in a constant state of flux, who also initiate and propel the emergence of life, and who also exist in a continuous deed of creation.’

Susan says: ‘In this talk we will explore the world of the elementals, where each entity is engaged in an interactive dance of mutual reciprocity throughout an evolving, dynamic field of living spiritual beings. We will also look at how human thought and emotion affect this supersensitive realm.’


Simon is a poet and activist, much involved in opposing the highly questionable process of fracking. His poetry spans many concepts, from the magical and ridiculous, to the harsh stark truth behind 21st century society, to practical solutions and leading a whole and happy life. Essentially there is a single message running through Simon’s work: we are all connected. The power of the Universe runs through us. In some this power is active, and in others, dormant: every poem is an invitation to step out of dormancy and into activity, where we can dance our own unique dance with pride and with joy, and shift into the understanding of what it truly means to be our own hero and to live in love rather than fear.

Simon says: ‘We can make every day count by choosing, moment by moment, to realise our dreams and our fantasies, pulling them out of imagination and creating them in reality.  Thus we can share with the world the gifts we brought to the Earth. It is time to remember how powerful we are, and to give to the world what we want the world to give to us: joy, freedom, peace and chocolate.’

Presentation: Simon in Wonderland: A Lucid Exploration Into Fracking

Simon shares his experiences opposing fracking at Balcombe in West Sussex and being arrested for singing, while exploring the spiritual implications that arise from unconventional drilling, as seen through the eyes of the poet. Simon says: ‘Activism is a curious thing. It speaks to us all. But mostly we try not to listen because, deep down, we know that when we listen to the voice of Activism, life will change forever. I've always been an activist in thought, but it was only when fracking came to Balcombe that I became an activist in action. Even then, it was only because this monstrous new technology arrived on my doorstep. And, like Alice, just looking into the rabbit hole wasn't enough. Let me show you what I can see...’


The traditional appearance of Glastonbury’s inspirational acapella choir, which has performed at many prestigious events, including the Three Choirs Festival and, naturally, the Glastonbury Festival. The choir present rousing and inspirational choral pieces from around the world, sung with enthusiastic energy to open the Saturday night proceedings, providing uplifting, beautiful entertainment.


Ken is a former US Marine who served in the 1991 Gulf War and subsequently spoke out about the use of depleted uranium as a ‘crime against humanity’, and criticised the US military for using soldiers as ‘human guinea pigs’ with experimental drugs that were directly linked to Gulf War syndrome. He is also a social entrepreneur, utilizing direct action marine conservation, although he is more widely known for leading the Human Shield action in Iraq, and as a survivor of the Israeli attack on the MV Mavi Marmara in which he defended the ship and disarmed two Israeli Commandos. Ken formally renounced his US citizenship in March 2001 and has proclaimed himself a ‘world citizen’ with ‘ultimate allegiance to my entire human family and to planet Earth.’ He is also a lawful Irish, Palestinian and Hawaiian citizen.

Presentation: The Current State of Affairs and the Creation of a Better World

Ken exposes the social and political machinations which hold too many people hostage to control agendas and enforced poverty around the world, especially in the Middle East, while sharing his experiences of activism and of raising controversial views where others have kept silent, in a heartfelt and powerful presentation.

Sunday 27 July 2014


Maria is a ‘second-generation’ dowser who is a leading authority on the ‘geodetic system of earth energies’. Maria is an accomplished author and her knowledge of prehistory, earth energies and ley systems is respected by dowsing societies worldwide. She combines her knowledge of archaeology and earth energies with state of the art equipment to detect the hidden frequencies that the Earth emits, and her findings challenge our understanding of ancient sites.  Maria runs the Avebury School of Esoteric Studies, which is affiliated with the Association of British Correspondence Colleges that offers certificated courses in dowsing, past life regression, geomancy and tarot. Courses can be practical, home study, via Skype or online.

Presentation: From Atlantis to Stonehenge

Past civilizations recognized that the Earth emits harmonic energy, and sacred sites mark these special locations. Maria explores the geometric earth energy patterns that were revered throughout the ancient world, which dictated the location of prehistoric monuments. Ancient sites also serve to connect terrestrial energies to celestial influences, creating a bridge between Heaven and Earth, man and cosmos. In the Stonehenge-Avebury landscape, a gigantic ley system was laid out which created a planetarium in the ceremonial landscape. Each sacred site represented a particular planet and the cosmological relationship between the two is revealed.

Sacred monuments have inspired many generations and Maria explores how one particular prehistoric site inspired the design of the Pentagon in the USA. Symbolism is both powerful and timeless. Using Plato’s description and dimensions, Maria traces the practical use of earth energies back to Atlantis and presents compelling evidence that they were skilfully integrated into their great and legendary city.


Magnus’s passion lies in teaching people how to improve their quality of life. He achieves this by understanding the unique relationships between lifestyle choices and one’s level of wellbeing. He has an extensive academic background, having taught health and fitness, nutrition, weight management and behaviour modification, and advanced training and sports conditioning at Southampton Solent University for over seven years.  In 2004, he left the position of Deputy Director of Sport Solent at Southampton Solent University to further his education and passion. Magnus is now a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, a CHEK Level II Holistic Lifestyle Coach and a Neurogistics Certified Practitioner. He can evaluate a persons' current level of wellbeing, vitality and optimal health by using modifiable coaching foundation principles and pioneering nutritional knowledge, as well as external expertise.  

Magnus is the owner of MTEnergie.comPutting Your Health First, and These companies guarantee improved vitality and wellbeing if simple principles are followed. He uses ‘The 10 Habits to Vitality’ and adapts these into the lives of his clients.  Magnus has clients from all over the world, whose conditions range from normal health right through to chronic dis-eases (Cancer, CHD, IBS, etc).  His work is basic yet pioneering in this age.  Magnus says: ‘Remember… Your body has the innate intelligence to truly heal itself. No one has ever healed anyone of anything; only your body, given the right opportunity or "menu", can heal itself.’

Presentation: A Return to Heal-Thy

Magnus says: ‘Health is a choice to the degree we are conscious.  Most of us were raised in a "thinking" world, which is based on fear, competition, "survival of the fittest" and struggle. How would LOVE respond in this situation? What would LOVE say? There is another exciting journey we could embark on, but that depends on our ultimate dreams and beLIEfs/values about self and others. Everything is about our environment. We are all "products" of our environment and most people create a lifestyle around their own labelled pathologies. Three out of four Americans have a chronic diagnosable dis-ease and these stats are not much better for people residing in the UK. What is our SOULutions? What new lifestyle distinctions can we make to ultimately become the change we wish to see in ourselves? What is our maximum potential right now?

In this presentation you’ll learn more about YOU and those factors which allow you to grow and contribute. You’ll also gain further knowledge about simple HealThy choices, increase your awareness about simple strategies to prevent and reverse all chronic dis-eases including cancer, discover more EMPOWERING tools, which will allow you to move forwards and prevent yourself from becoming a medical statistic, learn amazing behavioural aspects, which will bolster your immune system and slow down your aging process, and overcome any mood swings and depression, ultimately improving your whole quality of life, while at the same time creating enjoyment and gaining optimum vitality.’


Lucy is one of the most renowned leading crop circle researchers. A one-time co-founder of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies and an intrepid aerial photographer, she is author of several cerealogical books, including Crop Circles: The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times and Crop Circles: Art in the Landscape. Lucy’s annual crop circle calendars have become an indelible part of some people’s walls and kitchen notice-boards, while her investigations and ongoing surveys into health effects on people visiting crop circles have been pioneering and influential.

Presentation: The Conscious Phenomenon

Lucy says: ‘How can we explain what is happening to people when they visit crop circles and why do these effects change how we look at life and ourselves? How has medical science revealed a major part in describing these results? Having amassed over 800 reports sent into me over the years it is clear that crop circles have had an extraordinary and far reaching influence that has contributed to the direction and life altering changes many people have elected to make. How do they affect our consciousness and from whence does consciousness originate?  I will also be showing a selection of crop circles from over the years, supported by transcendingly sweet music that will take you into your world of heavenly dreams!’

(GRAHAM PHILLIPS has withdrawn for health reasons)

Andrew Collins is the author of a number of books that challenge the way we see the past, including From the Ashes of Angels (1996), Gods of Eden (1998), The Cygnus Mystery (2007), Beneath the Pyramids (2009) and the upcoming Finding Eden (Inner Traditions, 2013) on the mysteries of Gobekli Tepe, the world's first temple. He is also a prolific writer on the UFO subject, having written three books on the subject: The Circlemakers (1992), Alien Energy (1994), and his most recent offering LightQuest: Your Guide to Seeing and Interacting with UFOs, Mystery Lights and Plasma Intelligences. Andrew has appeared at the Glastonbury Symposium on numerous occasions since its inception in the early 1990s.


Our thanks to Andrew for stepping in at the last moment. The subect of his talk is a special surprise!


Tim is an authority on world spirituality and the author of more than 30 books translated into 15 languages. His books include The Jesus Mysteries, which was a top 10 international bestseller and The Daily Telegraph ‘Book of the Year'.  In his latest book, The Mystery Experience, Tim articulates a revolutionary ‘paralogical’ approach to spiritual awakening, which is free from superficial "woo-woo" and sits alongside deep science to inform human understanding. Tim has been exploring the "deep awake" state since he was 12 years old and is able to guide others directly to it. He presents experiential mystery experience retreats and entertaining evenings of standup philosophy throughout the world. Tim is a passionate and playful communicator with a contagious enthusiasm for exploring the mystery of life, who has often been featured in the global media, such as the BBC and The History Channel.    

Presentation: Paralogical Thinking: The Paradoxical "Both/and" Perspective

'There are trivial truths and there are great truths. The opposite of a trivial truth is plainly false. The opposite of a great truth is also true’ - Niels Bohr: Quantum Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner

Tim presents a revolutionary way of thinking, which fundamentally transforms how we experience the human adventure. His paralogical philosophy is based on an understanding of the paradoxical nature of existence. Building on the work of many great thinkers, from the ancient Taoist sages to the 20th century physicist Neils Bohr, Tim suggests that logical "either/or" thinking can't help us to understand the depths of life - we need paralogical "both/and" thinking. Tim will explore how paralogical thinking offers a new approach to spiritual awakening, as well as pointing to a profound complementarity that unites deep spirituality with deep science. He suggests that paralogical thinking can be applied to any area of life, revealing bold new insights and wise practical guidance.

Sunday evening, 27th July 2014

This event must be booked separately


Patricia has been called a ‘real life Indiana Jones’ by fans and readers around the world – an inspiring icon of truth and a living model of the adventurous spirit and seeker within us all. An internationally acclaimed author, she is one of the most well-known and established authorities on the realms of the mystic – views of the world and multidimensional reality that challenge the status quo. Patricia has been a key voice in the alternative media for decades, and brought paradigm-busting information to the public since 1996, contributing a wealth of material to the new thought community, with eleven published books, many available in over 20 foreign languages. The former host of the popular radio show, Beyond the Matrix, on bbsradio, Patricia has herself been interviewed on hundreds of talk radio and TV programs, including CNN, Coast to Coast a.m. syndicated radio, the Urban Journal Radio, KJAC Radio Montreal, 21st Century Radio, Fringe Radio, and a host of others. She has also appeared in documentary films.

In 2012, she founded the global non-profit association, Save Earth’s Oceans, Inc., dedicated to restoring the balance of our fragile ocean ecosystems and saving the whales and dolphins from whaling, slaughter and exploitation. As President and CEO of the organization, she is determined to raise the consciousness of human beings around the globe to alter the course of our destruction of the earth’s oceans, and to hear the music of the whales and dolphins as communications of a higher consciousness. [As CEO of Save Earth’s Oceans, Inc., Patricia is the Executive Producer of an upcoming event in London – SINGING THE OCEANS ALIVE – April 25, 2014, dedicated to the music of the whales and dolphins. Find out more at]
Patricia has recently turned her talent to screenwriting, having completed a full feature script of her upcoming spiritual thriller, The Emissary, scheduled for release as her first fiction novel, through North Atlantic Books/Random House Distribution in March 2014. Film and television rights have been acquired by Global Universal Entertainment, and the project is already in development to become a major motion picture. The previous books of the best-selling Sirian Revelations trilogy, and others by Patricia, have proven time and again to be accurate and prophetically timely, as current scientific investigation and discoveries confirm what she anticipated over a decade ago. From the secrets of ancient wisdom to quantum physics and visions of other realms, Patricia shows us the way to new heights ‘… one quantum leap at a time!’

Presentation: The Great Whales and Dolphin Beings: Weavers of the Galactic Symphony and Singers of the Gaian Song

Patricia’s acclaimed channelled work with Sirian consciousness has brought forward accurate, prophetic visions of this time of immense shifting for Gaia and the entire solar body. Now she shares her insights into the incredible role the Cetacean Nation is playing in human and planetary evolution, as music weavers of the oceans and as galactic wisdom keepers of the Multiverse.   As an Emissary for the whales and dolphins, Patricia also shares the most current information regarding the detrimental effect of sonar on the whales and dolphins. Is it a deliberate campaign to lower the frequencies of the Earth? What are we going to do about it? This information is the underlying theme of her new debut novel, The Emissary, which she will explore during the talk.

The information presented on this page is based on details provided by the speakers and is correct at the time of advertising

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