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Introducing the 2015 Speakers


Glastonbury Symposium 2015
Conference speakers

This year, as we celebrate 25 years of the Glastonbury Symposium, some of the subjects or speakers we have gathered for 2015 represent deliberate revisitings and updates of important areas which helped kick-start the original Symposium. Or they have made the Symposium what it has become during its quarter-century of life. These speakers are shown with a '25'.

Friday 24th July 2015


Francine Blake was until recently the chair of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group (WCCSG), established in 1995. Francine joined the London Branch of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS) in 1990, going to and fro around Wiltshire to visit the crop formations. In 1992, she moved to Alton Barnes to be closer to the phenomenon. She became the convenor for the Wiltshire Branch that became a group in its own right after the collapse of CCCS in 1998.

WSCCG spent some years collecting and sending specimens of soil and plants from crop circle designs to laboratories in the UK and the US for analyses. Francine says: ‘The results showed the soil from the designs to have a much higher level of nitrogen than in the rest of the field; nitrogen being normally caused by the passage of a glacier or a direct bolt of lightning. The plants are not damaged, showing the extreme brevity of this phenomenon. For example the crop circle filmed at Knapp Hill on 7 July 2007 appeared in the space of four milliseconds, the minimum the eye can see. It was 1,030 feet by 450 feet.’

Francine has given lectures on crop circles in many countries, including the UK, France, Belgium, Switzerland, South Africa, Brazil, India, Canada and North America.

Presentation: Crop Circles - an Overview
To celebrate the Symposium’s 25th anniversary, Francine gives us her unique overview and summing-up of the ever-enduring and beautiful crop circle mystery, which was one of the main focuses of our early conferences and still fascinates people today. In her lecture Francine will give a résumé of the crop circle phenomenon, illustrated throughout with original archival material that will show the scientific evidence of the effects of crop circles on plants and soil, and she will also explore some of the meanings contained in the geometric designs, showing a selection of some of the most amazing formations to have graced our fields during the last three decades.


Paul Weston is the author and publisher of Avalonian Aeon, Mysterium Artorius, and Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus. He also published and contributed to the anthology Signs and Secrets of the Glastonbury Zodiac. Having majored in Comparative Religion for a combined arts degree, which involved producing a dissertation on Nazi occultism, he went on to work for the Institute of Hypnosis and Parapsychology. Paul was extensively involved in the Psychic Questing work of Andrew Collins, which included a life-changing Glastonbury adventure, recounted in Avalonian Aeon. A frequent lecturer (he put on a hundred public presentations during his first four years living in Glastonbury), he has cited his influences as including Gurdjieff, Anthony Robbins, Reiki, the Fellowship of Isis, Mother Meera and Colin Wilson.

Presentation:  Earth Mysteries, Ufology and the Glastonbury Zodiac - the Untold Story
In another nod to our anniversary year, Paul will take us on a journey to discover the roots of what has led to Glastonbury having become one of the spiritual capitals of the world, investigating its intriguing history. Anthony Roberts, editor of the mid-seventies anthology, Glastonbury: Ancient Avalon, New Jerusalem, had a profound UFO experience in 1969. He went on to write a huge unpublished manuscript, provisionally entitled Giants in the Earth, dealing with ancient astronauts, Lemuria, Atlantis, and his belief that the Glastonbury Zodiac was twelve thousand years old and created by Atlanteans with probable help from aliens. Paul has been the first person to read the work outside of the Roberts household in forty years. Some of his sources will be investigated on a journey where we will meet Dion Fortune, Desmond Leslie, Brinsley Le Poer Trench, Tony Wedd, and John Michell, as a forgotten strand of Glastonbury studies is uncovered that provides a fresh perspective on the later anthology. It makes plain the huge influence of what could be termed ‘Earth Mysteries Ufology’ on beliefs about the place during the sixties and seventies.


Jayney Goddard is President of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA), the world's largest professional membership body for complementary medicine, and she is widely regarded as one of the leading experts on this and natural healthcare. She has an MSc postgrad degree from the University of Central Lancashire and is currently working on her doctorate. Jayney has a vast depth of knowledge across the entire field of complementary medicine and can always be relied upon to provide substantiated research data during any interview, lecture or written work.

Jayney is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health. She was recently awarded the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Expo Award for Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine. She has a busy practice in London where she works using a range of complementary medical approaches with her patients, including homeopathy, mind/body medicine, psychotherapy and hypno-analysis. Most recently, Jayney trained in Mind/Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School, under Dr Herbert Benson, the 'father of mind/body medicine'. Jayney is the complementary medical expert for various newspapers and magazines and is a regular guest on television and radio when expert opinion is required on any aspect of complementary medicine and natural health care.

Presentation: Finding Our Own Ways to Healthy Living
Jayney will reveal how the world of ‘Big Pharma’ has succeeded in restricting our personal health choices and explores how we can all help to balance this and find our own ways to healthy living.


Mike is the co-founder of Stop Smart Meters! (UK) - a grassroots campaign raising awareness about the dangers and implications of the UK's ‘Smart’ metering programme. In April 2013, Mike testified before a Parliamentary Select Committee investigation into Smart meters, alongside SSM cofounder Dr Elizabeth Evans. In June 2013, he organised the Get Wired conference on electromagnetic pollution and its effects on people and the environment. To date, the Stop Smart Meters! UK campaign has helped to serve 170,000 legal notices on behalf of more than 2,000 people who oppose the Smart meter threat.

Presentation:  The Smart Deception
Mike will expose the energy industry’s most elaborate scam to date and examine what really lies behind the move to a so-called ‘Smart’ grid, which poses not only serious health risks, but also gives authorities and hackers an open window of surveillance into our lives, with a high potential of misuse. Most importantly, Mike will outline what empowering steps people can take to combat the industry’s lies and deceptions, and how we can start to take back our power.


Peter, author of The Shakespeare Enigma and many other books, is a philosopher, seer and geomancer who gives teaching and training in the core truths of Western wisdom traditions. One of his specialities is investigating the real life of William Shakespeare, and exploring just why so many scholars today now question the full background of this most renowned playwright. Peter is fascinated by the possibilities that may lie behind the ‘Shakespeare mysteries’ and the deep esoteric truths buried in these famous writings.

Presentation:  Shakespearean Mysteries
There are many mysteries and a lot of wisdom and esoteric knowledge to be found in the Shakespeare works and the authorship question that is part of the whole Shakespeare Mystery. In this talk Peter Dawkins will point out some of the signposts into this puzzle and share some of its veiled knowledge that he has discovered - knowledge that involves the Hermetic, Rosicrucian and Freemasonic wisdom stream and the active living traditions of today.


John Dalton is a renowned player of harp and wind instruments. Although he began with Celtic harp, John Dalton has very eclectic tastes and soon began to enjoy the instrument's wider repertoire: Latin American, medieval, classical, jazz, world folk music and much else. He has produced four CDs of his music. Long interested in the esoteric aspects of music and the other arts, he was formerly assistant editor of Guitar magazine, editor of New View and Avalon magazines, and managed Rudolf Steiner Press in the 1990s. He also sings and plays woodwind and electric guitar in The Dalton Gang.

Presentation:  Harp Pieces From Around the World
John presents a series of beautiful and extraordinary compositions of harp music from across the globe, from traditional European to Latin American and beyond, putting each into context with insightful introductions.


Michael Tellinger, author, scientist and explorer – and ardent political truth campaigner – has become a real-life Indiana Jones, making groundbreaking discoveries about ancient vanished civilisations at the southern tip of Africa. His continued efforts and analytical scientific approach have produced stunning new evidence that forces us to rethink our origins. Michael’s successful lecture tours have enthralled people around the world and he has become an international authority on his subjects. Scholars have told us that the first civilisation on Earth emerged in a land called Sumer some 6,000 years ago. New archaeological and scientific discoveries made by Michael, Johan Heine and a team of leading scientists, show that the Sumerians, and even the Egyptians, inherited all their knowledge from an earlier civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa more than 200,000 years ago… mining gold.

Michael’s research reveals many of the latest scientific measurements and evidence which show that this vanished civilisation had an astute knowledge of the laws of nature and the generation of free ENERGY from Mother Earth for all their needs, using the power of sound and frequency as a source. In his latest book Temples Of The African Gods, Michael graphically exposes these discoveries, which he believes will be the catalyst for rewriting our ancient human history. This work is itself a continuation of his previous books Slave Species of God and Adam’s Calendar, which have become favourites with readers in over 30 countries.

Presentation:  Temples of the African Gods
Before Michael’s discoveries, there was only novel speculation about the origins of stone remains on the continent of Africa. But with his dedication to discovering, tracking, and revealing vanished civilisations, it's now possible to reach into the minds of our ancient forefathers to discover a purpose greater than what we might have expected. Certainly, it seems that they might even have been more technologically advanced than the present day, and far more astute than what we are taught through the less than accurate cave-man mentality of our educational systems. Michael will give an overview of his heartfelt convictions and also help open minds to some key issues of our times.

Saturday 25 July 2015


Andy is a leading researcher into unexplained mysteries and cover-ups and is the author of many books, including the acclaimed The Truth Agenda, and Conspiracies: The Facts - The Theories - The Evidence, both now published in several different versions and languages around the world. His guides Vital Signs and An Introduction to Crop Circles, meanwhile, are seen by many as definitive overviews of the crop circle phenomenon.

Andy is founder of Changing Times, which holds events on mysteries and truth issues, and he is one of the co-organisers of The Glastonbury Symposium. He extensively writes and lectures in Britain and around the world, and has made numerous radio and TV appearances. UK spots have included Channel 4’s Richard and Judy, BBC 2's Esther, ITV's GMTV, BBC 1’s The One Show and Sky 1’s Pineapple Dance Studios, while Andy has also featured in television programmes in many other countries.

Presentation:  25 Years of Consciousness Shift  
In the 25 years since the Glastonbury Symposium began, how far has the world come down the road of the much-debated ‘consciousness shift’? Very far, Andy will argue – perhaps further than some might think. In the Symposium context, from the questions raised by the new complex crop circles which stimulated the very first event, came a journey that would take many seekers to deeper and wilder places than any might have suspected over the years. This process of growth and new awareness has been mirrored in the wider world too, through many different conduits. The lessons learned in the last quarter century ARE visibly beginning to be applied as we stand at the brink of global developments which offer as many excitements as challenges. In this talk, Andy will be investigating the leading ‘alternative’ issues which have led us all here, and monitoring the key shifts of social, political and spiritual awareness currently occurring all around us.


Marcus is the UK publisher of Nexus Magazine, which he first discovered at Glastonbury in 1992, while attending the Symposium. He and his wife, Robyn, decided that other people may well find Nexus as interesting as they had done.  Increasing numbers did, and five years later it became a full-time job for the whole family - it still is. This was fortunate because his previous career with Toyota had been ended by the recession of 1993. Marcus says: ‘It may be a cliché to say it, but this really was the best thing that could have happened; it provided the impetus to get involved in something which became more than just a job - Nexus is a way of life.  It is also fair to say that selling a good car is similar to selling a good magazine - both should have the "Wow!" factor.’

Along the way Marcus has also become one of the leading questioners of the NASA Moon landings, as well as being an investigator of ancient mysteries and lost technology. For the Symposium’s 25th anniversary, Marcus re-visits the unending controversies around all the lunar conspiracy thinking - still growing after all these years! - and highlights the evidence which shows just why it is that the issue simply refuses to go away.

Presentation:  The Apollo Moon Landings - Illusion or Reality?
46 years ago this July, two American astronauts flew to, landed on and walked over the lunar surface; then returned triumphantly to Earth. The Moon Landings have been voted the most memorable TV event of the 20th Century. But does what NASA insists is their evidence for this event stand up to scrutiny? An increasing number of people now have doubts. Were the dangers of radiation overcome? Were the extreme temperatures of space too great for humans to survive? Were the Moon rocks real? Were the photographs really taken on the Moon or during the training exercises here on Earth? Surely the Russians would have 'blown the whistle' if they suspected wrong doing? This presentation will address these, and other enduring issues, which may help ‘to remove one of Truth's protective layers’.


Following the success of last year’s new, sleeker and pacier discussion format for the Symposium, once again we offer a chance to participate in a fast-moving audience debate with a panel of distinguished guests from the world of truth-seeking and mysteries research.

Some are being speakers from the weekend and others not. They'll be animatedly sifting matters arising from the issues of the event, and beyond. The Symposium forums have for many become a highlight of the weekend, and the new, punchier approach in its Saturday slot ensures some lively and enlightening debate!


Brian Allan has written twelve books dealing with various aspects of the paranormal, magick, the occult and ufology. He has also produced scripts for several TV documentary programmes and acted as a consultant for many more. Brian is still an active ‘hands-on’ paranormal and UFO investigator and is a former editor of Paranormal Magazine. Today, he currently edits Phenomena Magazine.

Presentation:  Truth, Lies and Ufology
In this presentation Brian casts an eye over the way in which, since the late 1940s, various, mainly Western, intelligence agencies have ruthlessly and cynically exploited the subject of ufology for their own dark ends. This has sometimes been to the detriment of the public and almost invariably serves to provide an effective cover for cutting-edge developments in a range of military and civilian aero-space technologies. Although absolutely convinced that we ARE regularly contacted and visited by non-human beings and entities that do not originate in our version of reality, Brian will present startling evidence to back up his views - what you hear (and see) in this presentation may give you cause to reconsider what you thought were unassailable icons from the early days of ufology and see them in a very different light indeed…


Jez Hughes is a British shaman, working full-time with healing and teaching shamanically. His first initiation was at the age of 14, which was the catalyst for a 15-year journey to find healing for the soul disturbances it created. He then studied for another twelve years with shamans from Britain and North and South America. Jez now initiates people onto this path from the heart of woods in Sussex. His work has featured in many different publications and on BBC radio, and he is the author of the forthcoming The Heart of Life - Shamanic Initiation and Healing in the Modern World.

Presentation:  The Shamanic Path - Healing the Earth, our Ancestors and Ourselves
Jez says: ‘We live in powerful, transformational times. The Earth is calling out to many people to be a part of its healing, to ensure that we can travel through the threshold, opening up and bringing new life to the planet and to ourselves. But how can we do this? In this talk, inspired by the shamanic pathway, we will explore practical and spiritual ways to reconnect to the Earth, our ancestors and our spirits. In this way we will discover that we can be part of this process of re-feeding and re-dreaming the world into a place of magic and beauty.’


Dan has been a dedicated crop circle researcher for many years and is the founder of the UK Crop Circles website as well as being a regular guide for the Devizes Lectures conference. A split-second decision to enter a crop circle in 2003 was a life-changing moment for Dan, leading to a further 12 years of research to date. Shortly afterwards, still a newcomer to the phenomenon, he began to discover, in the formations he visited, details which seemed to be overlooked. Dan says: ‘My investigation of crop circles over the years has involved the collection of photographic evidence, measurements, and details about flow direction, as well as the more unusual or unexpected phenomena present on the ground, presenting facts about formations rather than personal interpretation.’

Presentation:  Beyond the Aerial Photo - Investigating Crop Circles at Ground Level
The magnificent spectacle of so many crop circles draws us ever further into this unique mystery, intriguing many with precise and complex geometry, placement within the landscape and often sheer scale. Looking closer, on hands and knees, lifting stems and counting layers can add another dimension to our realisation that we are involved in something unexplainable, something magical. Trying to unravel, at ground level, the way certain stems have fallen, or finding animal nests, still immaculate but embedded within laid crop, mystifies and leads to us questioning our perception of the material world.  Dan says: ‘I will share over twelve years of ground research inside crop circles, including certain formations as highlights, as well as features which can so often be missed by all but those of us who get down lower to find them - seeing the magic within serves to deepen this amazing mystery.’


The traditional appearance of Glastonbury’s inspirational acapella choir, which has performed at many prestigious events, including the Three Choirs Festival and, naturally, the Glastonbury Festival. The choir presents rousing and inspirational choral pieces from around the world, sung with enthusiastic energy to open the Saturday night proceedings, providing uplifting, beautiful entertainment.


Anthony Peake is a writer who deals with borderline areas of human consciousness. His first book, Is There Life After Death?, was published in 2006 and since then he has gone on to develop his own ideas, together with exploring the latest areas of research in his field. His fourth book, Making Sense of Near-Death Experiences, was a collaborative effort with some of the world’s leading authorities on the near-death phenomenon. Anthony was very honoured to be asked to be one of the editors as well as contributing a chapter. His seventh book, A Life of Philip K Dick: The Man Who Remembered the Future, was a departure from his previous works in that it was a mixture of biography, literary criticism and psychological/neurological analysis. Anthony’s eighth and current book, The Immortal Mind: Science and the Continuity of Consciousness Beyond the Brain, is a joint project with Professor Ervin Laszlo, which he will discuss at this year’s Symposium.

Presentation:  The Immortal Mind
Based on his work with Professor Ervin Laszlo on a new scientific paradigm in sync with experience-based spirituality, Anthony explores how consciousness is continually present in the cosmos and can exist without connection to a living organism. He examines the rapidly growing body of scientific evidence supporting the continuity of consciousness, including near-death experiences, after-death communication, reincarnation, and neurosensory information received in altered states. He will explain how the persistence of consciousness beyond the demise of the body means that, in essence, we are not mortal - we continue to exist even when our physical existence has come to an end. This correlates precisely with cutting-edge physics, which posits that things in our plane of time and space are not intrinsically real but are manifestations of a hidden dimension where they exist in the form of superstrings, information fields and energy matrices.

Sunday 26 July 2015


Since his year producing and presenting Edge Media TV’s On The Edge series (as seen on Sky channel 200), ‘alex:g’ has created and fronted Doomwatch – a new alternative current affairs format which has become a cornerstone of the UK Column’s online output since 2013. He is now turning to community-based television and radio, as station director with Peterborough’s Hereward Media. Aside from lecturing with TV and film-based presentations around the country, Alex is now a published author, with the fictional novel Mindful, which extrapolates what would have to happen for what we all most want from our political system to come about. He is also bringing back the Cult TV Festival for a one day-and-night 21st Birthday Party this November, which will be partnered with a ‘Doomwatch Day’ the same weekend, covering a host of conspiratorial topics in the show’s own unique style.

Presentation:  Politics and Propaganda in Screen Fiction
Following on from his Symposium presentation in 2012, alex:g turns his attention, in this general election year, to how politics has been covered in fictional versions of our world. Where is the line drawn between wishful thinking and blatant propaganda? What influence do dystopian and utopian visions of what might be around the corner have on voter choices? How much of what we are shown is a deliberate attempt to shore up the status quo, giving us the impression that there is no viable alternative to the corrupt and fatally flawed systems and players which we are forced to endure? Why is it seen as perfectly fine to vote for the lesser of two (or three/four/five) evils? Is this all just ‘predictive programming’ – a theory which proposes that mainstream media sources are deliberately seeded with subtle clues to future social, political, or technological changes to prepare us for what’s coming?


Richard says: ‘Two generations of both domestic and international involvement commercially in ophthalmic optics has taken me to 25% of UN-recognised countries. Living overseas in my formative years has given me a deeper than usual fascination with global geopolitics, which, coupled with my role in manufacturing optics, offered many varied insights into different overseas mentalities. I am a founder member of Hamish Miller’s Parallel Community project, formed in 2006, and am currently semi-retired dispensing spectacles from home on the Isle of Wight. I was once a council member of  the now defunct Centre for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS) in the 1990s, having been introduced to this phenomenon near my home in 1988. I understand the importance of the bigger picture, and consciously try to avoid pure focus on my speciality. Excessive reductionism is persuading us into technological solutions that lack concomitant wisdom’.  Richard is the author of the forthcoming Revolution Revisited: The Reform of Common Sense in the 21st Century.

Presentation:  A New Revolution - The Return to Harmony and Sanity
Although international affairs appear to be a never ending quagmire of debt, dogma and sheer bloody-mindedness, it would be a major misjudgement to simply retreat from what seems to be insoluble chaos. That large portions of government are not ‘fit for purpose’ is generally agreed, even by the participants, but with what do we propose to replace this lack of functionality? Lip service is paid to reform, but true change seems as elusive as ever. We moan, we complain and then shrug our collective shoulders, effectively removing ourselves from the debate. How we came to be where we are, and where humanity goes next are pivotal questions of our age. Considered and thought-through ideas are long overdue, necessary and unavoidable. That the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is no longer an acceptable ‘given’. We can and should do something about such chronic imbalance. I offer some suggestions for redress.


Palden Jenkins is a multi-disciplinary thinker and avid communicator with particular interest in geopolitics, esoterics, history and the state of humanity. His latest book, Power Points in Time, about the astrology of time, is his seventh. An early adopter on internet, he's crafted many interesting websites and is the Symposium's webmaster. Founder of the Glastonbury Camps, OakDragon Camps and Hundredth Monkey Project in the 1980s and 1990s, a humanitarian worker in Palestine, book editor, astrologer and geomancer, Palden has been ‘at it’ consistently since the late 1960s. He's been involved longterm in the Earthlinks Circle, which does focused consciousness work in connection with current events worldwide. His latest project has been to map the ancient sites and alignments of West Penwith, Cornwall, where he lives on an organic farm.

Presentation:  Time is What Stops Everything Happening All at Once
We live in crucial times, and here Palden will talk about our place in history, the globalisation process and planetarisation of consciousness, and times to come - with some astrological gleanings thrown in. Woven into this he will review what's happened at the Symposium over the last 25 years, since it's a microcosmic stream of consciousness encapsulating our times of change. In his customary style, with a few anecdotes, footnotes and insights thrown in for good measure, he'll be shedding light on the evolutionary significance to humankind of our present times.


Chris began his research into ancient technologies in 1977 after he read Peter Tompkins' book Secrets of the Great Pyramid. His immediate reaction after learning of the Great Pyramid's precision and design characteristics was to consider that this edifice was not a tomb, but a machine. Discovering the purpose of this machine and documenting his case has taken the better part of twenty years of research and resulted in numerous articles leading to the publication of his first, acclaimed, book, The Giza Power Plant (1998). Dunn’s extensive career in manufacturing has allowed him to identify a wider variety of engineering characteristics used by ancient cultures, which further inspired him to write Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt (2010).
 Chris has been widely published and quoted, appearing in, and having his work cited in, numerous television documentaries, including the popular Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. Now retired, he continues to research and write about ancient engineering anomalies.

Presentation:  Did Ancient Aliens Need Green Cards?
The title of this talk may seem somewhat tongue in cheek, but it reflects a serious question regarding modern migration, such as Chris’s own migration to the USA in 1969 and his status as an alien, provided with a ‘green card’. The transport of skills and technology is common today. With the discovery of a higher than expected level of manufacturing excellence in ancient Egypt and in Peru and Bolivia, do these indicate home grown expertise, or were the tools and skills imported by green card-holding citizens of other lands? Chris will present remarkable pictorial evidence and testimony of artifacts on two continents that demonstrate a level of high technology not commonly recognized by mainstream scholars.


Known as a mystical physician, Christine has a fascination with things esoteric and mystical. Through international travel she’s sought out sacred sites, exploring their relationship with earth energies and human consciousness. She practiced both orthodox and complementary medicine and now teaches, writes and offers intuitive readings. Christine sees illness as a message from the soul, reconnecting us to our true destiny, which can be achieved through a close and loving relationship with our body and with the creative energies of Mother Earth. She is the author of seven books, her latest being the Healing Power of the Sacred Woman.

Presentation:  The Return of the Dragon to this Green and Pleasant Land
Despite heroic tales of George killing the dragon, in reality such a feat would be extremely unwise. Dragon energy is the fundamental, feminine creative energy which brings fruitfulness to every form of life, whether a plant, person, idea or dream; it carries the blueprint for our existence. Flowing within the Earth, its power is intensified near faults, water and in hilly areas. The ancient people appreciated the abundant strength of this energy, erecting menhirs and other sacred sites to stop the dragon’s march across the land, focusing and collecting the creativity into one area. But for 3,000 years, humankind has been subtly persuaded to keep away from this abundant source beneath our feet, encouraged instead to look upwards for creative inspiration. Perhaps one of the roles of the exquisite symbols of the crop formations has been to encourage us to look down and reconnect to a trusted source of energy which brings new consciousness to the planet for the benefit of all who share this Earth.

SUNDAY EVENING (must be booked separately)


Dr Iain McGilchrist is a former Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and former consultant psychiatrist and clinical director at the Bethlem Royal & Maudsley Hospital, London. He has been a research fellow in neuro-imaging at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore and has published original articles and research papers in a wide range of publications on topics in literature, medicine and psychiatry. Iain is the author of Against Criticism (Faber 1982), The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World (Yale 2009), and The Divided Brain and the Search for Meaning; Why Are We So Unhappy? (e-book short), and is currently working on a book entitled When The Porcupine is a Monkey, to be published by Penguin Press. He lives on the Isle of Skye.

Presentation: What Brains Can Tell Us – and What They Can’t
Iain expands on the themes of his renowned, enormously influential and acclaimed book The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World (Yale 2009). Iain says: ‘We are led to believe that somehow the brain can give us the answer to many questions about ourselves. Frustratingly it is often thought to answer questions it can never answer, yet to have little or nothing to say about the very things it can most helpfully illuminate. Can we sort the wheat from the chaff?’

The information presented on this page is based on details provided by the speakers and is correct at the time of advertising

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