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2018 Symposium Speakers


Glastonbury Symposium
2018 Conference speakers

Here are the provisional details for all of our speakers this year.
Subject descriptions are only guidelines and are NOT official titles.
Full bio details, photos and synopses will appear here soon…

Friday 27 July 2018

Jason Porthouse  (alternative insights and the media)
Jason is an award-winning TV editor with a media-savvy approach to alternative subjects, as well as being the Symposium’s in-house meditation leader. In his unique style he opens the event with an illuminating overview of the key issues for our times and throws light on some of the interconnecting threads between them.

Clive de Carle  (why mainstream medicine avoids cures)
The ‘restorative health consultant’ and broadcaster Clive asks why potential cures are increasingly being branded illegal under the influence of ‘Big Pharma’..? He shares the findings of his work, which demonstrate how thousands of people with illnesses conventional medicine has stated are incurable – even ‘terminal’ ones – have now recovered their health using natural means, and tells us how we can do it too.

Maria Wheatley  (ancient earth mysteries)
Renowned earth mysteries expert, dowser, historian and author of several books, Maria combines her knowledge of archaeology and earth energies with state of the art equipment to locate and detect the hidden frequencies that the Earth emits, and she shares with us her latest research and insights. Maria is also the Symposium’s resident coach tour leader for our annual Sacred Sites tour, which is being held this year on Thursday 26th July – see details elsewhere on the site.

Gary King  (global UFO and ET encounters)
Gary has been researching UFOs and crop circles for many years and has recently been working with the renowned ufologist Jaime Maussan in Mexico. Here, Gary investigates some of the world’s most extraordinary UFO/ET encounters, including the Nazca mummified ‘alien bodies’, and gives new details on the famous cases where many schoolchildren in both Australia and Zimbabwe viewed the landings of alien craft and witnessed the creatures inside them…

Jan Kuśmirek  (saving our soil and organic food)
Jan is a medical herbalist, clinical aromatherapist and author. He is co-founder of the Fragrant Earth Company, the UK’s leading producer of aromatic raw materials and finished goods. Jan discusses some of the crucial current issues around agribusiness and the need to regenerate our vital but now very over-used soil, while encouraging more organic farming and promoting the importance of healthy food in an age of dangerous junk eating.

The Avalonian Free State Choir  (music)
Glastonbury’s award-winning ensemble is an unaccompanied natural voice choir with a repertoire of songs from all around the world, including salsa vocal percussion, the awe-inspiring stillness of sacred songs from Georgia and heartbreaking melodies from Bulgaria. Founded in 1992, the choir have long been a much-loved fixture of the Glastonbury Symposium.

Eltjo Haselhoff (astrophysics and the paranormal)
Astrophysicist and author of the acclaimed The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles, Eltjo uses his professionally qualified knowledge to argue that the existence of the paranormal is fully compatible with ‘the new physics’ and shows how both scientific and ‘non-scientific’ approaches can help us explore the frontiers of human perception, in a fascinating presentation encompassing psychic phenomena, UFOs, crop circles and life after death.

Saturday 28 July 2018

Andy Thomas  (truth, mysteries and current events)
Author of the renowned The Truth Agenda, Conspiracies and several books on the crop circle phenomenon, unexplained mysteries researcher Andy presents his annual barnstorming opening to the Saturday schedule by taking a sideways look at global current events, paranormal phenomena and how the world of the ‘alternative’ sits in relation to it all in an age of media dismissal. Andy is also, as ever, the co-MC for the whole weekend.

Dr Ian Rubenstein  (the GP who became a medium)  
A practicing GP, the world of medicine collided with the world of mediumship for Ian during a busy surgery one morning when his dead grandfather dropped in for a chat. This strange experience stretched his world view to breaking point and sent him off on a mad dash through territory populated by mediums, psychics, poltergeists, and ghost hunters. Ian tells his story and recounts his attempts to integrate his training as a medium with his everyday work as a medical doctor.

The Saturday Forum  (panel and audience discussion)
In a fast-moving Question Time-like format, Andy Thomas leads a panel discussion between five guests, some speakers from the weekend and others making a special appearance for the Forum. This is the audience’s chance to ask questions from the floor to inspire some helpful and fascinating thoughts from the panel on matters arising from the weekend’s subjects and any – and many – topics beyond!

Piers Adams  (challenging convention in the music world)
Piers is one of the world’s leading virtuoso recorder players, a leading member of the acclaimed genre-challenging baroque quartet Red Priest – and a subversive figure in the sphere of classical music. Dubbing himself ‘The Dangerous Musician’, Piers explains how through his work he has tried to cut through the prejudices of convention and recounts how holding alternative views on 9/11, vaccination and conspiracies produces some notably interesting reactions on his social media feeds… The presentation includes some extraordinary live musical performances.

Michael Feeley  (decoding our mysterious ancient monuments)
Michael is a former UK police officer who became a multiple paranormal and UFO experiencer and now spends his time connecting the many dots that demonstrate to him the reality of a multidimensional reality. In this presentation, Michael explores ‘The Ancient Code’, a new approach to deciphering the real purpose of some our most mysterious monuments from around the world, alongside uncovering some of the secrets of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and other famous biblical characters.

Nick Kyle  (proof of life after death)
Nick has been a leading member of the renowned Scottish Society for Psychical Research for many years and through his psychic studies and active ghost hunting has accumulated masses of evidence, both visual, anecdotal and physical, that life does indeed continue on after ‘death’ in this world. Nick shares many of his experiences and demonstrates why he believes we have every reason to hope for something more beyond this realm.

Louise Bellairs  (the Flower of Life experience)
Louise is an acclaimed artist and sacred geometer who gives for us her enlightening presentation The Flower of Life Revealed. This audio-visual experience uses both 2D and 3D to give insights into the sacred Flower of Life’s meaning for us and its history, and features two stunningly-animated visualisation films showing how its unique geometry is formed and progresses through phenomenal systems, demonstrating what it feels like to experience Sacred Geometry as a whole language without words!

Sunday 29 July 2018

The Seed SistAS  (rediscovering herbal medicine)
The Seed SistAs, Fiona, Karen and Belle, are the founders of Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution, an arts and health-education community interest company that promotes empowerment, autonomy, freedom, health, and diversity through teaching about plant medicine. With their medical training and years of clinical experience, mixed with a love of creativity and plants, the SistAS show how we can help put herbal medicine back where it belongs – in our hands.   

Guy Steven Needler  (aliens and where they come from)
Guy is a chartered electrical and electronics engineer who, throughout his ‘earthly’ training, was always aware of the greater reality around him, catching glimpses of the worlds of spirit and other worlds and beings. He went on to become a reiki master, energy healer, spiritual teacher and author. In this lecture Guy gives an overall picture of what he believes ETs and aliens are, the main genres of alien, the vehicles they use to traverse the universe and how they work. The lecture also deals with some of the reasons for ET abductions.

Torbz  (fighting for freedom and justice)
For over 25 years Torbz has pursued a career as a street musician and performing artist, as well as being a community music leader, often centred around politically-inspired themes or those of more a personal inflection. Torbz is a fighter for freedom of speech and has strong views on sovereignty, law and the degrading of public services. Last year Torbz gave an impassioned performance on the Forum and this year he has a whole hour to enable him to inspire us some more.

Geoff Stray  (the mystery lights of Chartres Cathedral)
In this revealing presentation on the mysteries of the famous Chartres Cathedral in France, Geoff, author of Beyond 2012 and The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars, unveils a new discovery made while walking across the 800-year-old labyrinth in the cathedral. As he walked he noticed circles of light moving across it. All official sources were silent on this phenomenon, so a Chartres specialist was consulted... Geoff returned to video the lights and took six years to crack open the mystery – finally solving the purpose of the unique ‘cusps’ that surround the Chartres labyrinth.

Hugh Newman  (crop circles from aerial drones)
The renowned ancient mysteries researcher and author, Hugh is also a firm follower of the crop circle phenomenon and has become one of the key documenters of recent seasons with his extraordinary sweeping drone footage. Hugh introduces some of his most dramatic sequences from crop formations of the last few years, including (hopefully!) video of some of the very latest events, as a wonderfully experiential way to close the Sunday afternoon.

Sunday Evening

(must be booked separately)

Tony Gosling  (revolutionary acts of journalism – exposing the ruling oligarchy)
To end this year’s Symposium with a controversial bang, Tony, ex-BBC journalist, broadcaster, truthseeker and land rights campaigner, discusses “revolutionary acts of journalism”, giving an insight into the ‘Deep State’ and what goes on inside the corporate media. Over the last 20 years Tony has been exposing the secret power of banks and élite Bilderberg conferences, where the dark forces of corporations, media and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war. Along the way, Tony will explore the origins of Freemasonry in the English Civil War, the Bilderbergs, Brussels and the ‘traitors of Arnhem’, and sees how the ruling oligarchy plans to enslave humanity in debt – and why Britain may be where their plans hit a brick wall.

NOTE:  This list of speakers is based on agreements with all the listed presenters to appear at the 2017 Glastonbury Symposium, and is correct at this time. The Symposium reserves the right to change the speakers due to any unforeseen circumstances that may arise, and encourages attendees to check this page from time to time, as it will be updated in the event of any speaker alterations.

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