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About the Glastonbury Symposium

The Glastonbury Symposium is one of Britain's oldest and most acclaimed alternative conferences, where the audience is often as interesting as the speakers!

Held in the environs of the fascinating and varied town of Glastonbury in Somerset, southwest England, the Symposium has grown and evolved enormously since its inauguration at the Blue Note Cafe back in 1990.
Glastonbury Tor
From the Blue Note Cafe it soon moved to the larger Assembly Rooms in the 1990s for a decade, and then, as it grew further, in the 2000s it moved to its current home, the rather grand setting of Glastonbury Town Hall.
Delegates from all over the globe gather annually each summer at the Symposium for this delightful three-day event to hear a wide range of presentations on many subjects from the very best speakers in the 'new frontiers' field.

Also there are musical performances to brighten up the day - and there's Glastonbury too, with its cafes, shops and sacred sites (such as the Abbey, the Tor and the Chalice Well), when a change is needed.
Speakers at the Symposium are original researchers and thinkers with lots of cutting-edge ideas and discoveries to share.

Their range includes consciousness research, truth and disclosure issues, new science, sacred sites, earth energies, Egyptology, 'forbidden' archaeology, UFOs, healing, psychic phenomena, metaphysics, current world trends, sacred geometry, dowsing, astrology, history, crop circles and all points in between.

All sorts of subjects have been explored over the years - from Davos to dentures to dolmens to deep memory - and the remarkable thing we find is that it all knits together in amazing ways, adding up to build a picture that inspires many people and also poses crucial questions for society and civilisation.
The Town Hall is made resplendent with banners, lighting and high-quality audio-visual facilities. Our valiant techie crew who run the event ensure that all of the speakers are well seen and heard.

Presented in a welcoming atmosphere, with humour and a twinkle in the eye, people often speak of the wonderful times they've had and the astonishing things they have learned. For many it is their year's highpoint - a good dose of spiritual battery-charging!
The warm mood also extends to our room of stalls, featuring books, photos, information and interesting merchandise, where delegates can browse and chat away to their heart's content.

There they can mix with the fascinating and eclectic group of researchers, speakers and other people drawn to the Symposium.
Our in-house cafe allows further interaction, snacks and drinks in a congenial atmosphere. This atmosphere spills out into the town during longer breaks, where delegates explore the sights, shops, cafes and pubs, all within a short walk from the Town Hall.

Glastonbury is an intriguing and colourful small town - easy to walk around - and it's definitely not a normal, half-dead town at all! It is home to lots of very interesting people.
For some the Symposium is a four-day event: on the eve of the conference there is an optional expertly-guided Thursday coach tour which takes people out to some of the amazing sacred sites within a day trip’s reach of Glastonbury.

It goes from Glastonbury out to Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and beyond to explore ancient monuments and the beautiful and mysterious atmospheres which surround them.
On the Sunday afternoon the main schedule of the Symposium is concluded with a beautiful closing meditation outdoors in the rather inspiring and historic nearby grounds of Glastonbury Abbey.

This is where the Symposium ends, but in the evening on Sunday, for those who still need more...
...one final extra well-known guest speaker is featured in a special separate lecture, to which people who haven't attended the Symposium may also come.

We look forward to having you join us at this unique event - though book early, because places are limited. See you in July!
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